Sex Stories from a Girls point of view.

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Honesty it meant nothing to me at the time, sex meant nothing to me at the time, it felt no more different than when I ran around nude on the beaches in Southern France, little girls do that sort of thing all the time, little realizing the effect we were having on the men looking at us darkly, and the sinister thoughts running through their heads.

That would come much later in my life, by then I would be prepared for it. 'I'm going for an early shower baby, you want to use the bathroom'? Daddy was now in his late forties and we had lived together as a single parent f****y for ten years, mother having gone her own way to do her own thing, leaving us to bond and get to know each other, in a way, some might think unhealthy.

To the big bad outside world we were a father and loving daughter, but behind our green painted house door, we were free spirits enjoying our little secrets, yes daddy had lots more than I did, but I was learning that some of his inspired me, they involved me, and excited me, but most of all, they pleased him, and for that reason alone I gave my heart to them.

'Can I join you daddy, I feel I need to scrub-up too'. He smiled as I asked him, I knew it would please him, when you live in close proximity with a person, you develop an empathy with them, and as it was a Saturday, it would be nice to smell nice up against each other. I undressed in my bedroom and walked naked to the bathroom.

I could hear the shower running and as I opened the door, the steamy atmosphere added to the forbidden flavour, a teenage daughter about to shower with her father, even I as I walked into the bathroom, like a had many times in the past, something felt different about me. I closed the door, I wanted to preserve the atmosphere, the steam, somehow I felt it would make it easier for me to do what I was planing, and when I pulled the curved glass door open, daddy's nudity was there, and I pushed in beside him, feeling the heat from his body as I turned to pull the curved door closed.

I could feel him glide across my buttock, my right cheek, and settle in-between both, where he thickened and rose, like he always did. 'Hello Mt Penis', I said out loud, to which daddy replied, 'Hello my daughters cute bum', and I pushed back into him and ground against him, I may have been shy of my fifteenth, but I knew that meant nothing, now we were connecting.

'I love that feeling daddy', I told him, reassuring him I wanted to be here as much as he always yearned for me, to apply the gentle friction that was needed to help him release the same seed that created me. I reached out and put my palms onto the tiled wall, feeling the warm drops of water cascading over my body.

My nostrils flared as the sweet flowery scent of the liquid soap exploded in my nasal senses, and the strong powerful finger movement as he washed my long hair, with the water now changing form, enriched with the sudsy soapiness, now running down my back and channelled between my buttocks and daddy'e penis, making a silken sheath for him to slide freely inside my crotch and thighs.

I listened for the change in his moans, the f***e and stiffness of his cock, then I would trap him in there, where life begins. I felt him stiffen and hold my shoulder as I pushed back against him, 'OMG', he moaned, and I opened my eyes and looked down to the tiles where I stood, watching his semen drop onto my feet, and when he exhausted his ejaculation, I turned and faced him, 'My turn daddy, I want to wash him', and I did, with copious amounts of liquid soap, I would peel back his protective foreskin, and massage the glans and shaft in one continuous motion, until the showering washed away the soap, and I would remark, 'There you are Sir, all nice and clean'.

. . . .