Shelly and Matt (Mf-teen, inc, cons, rom)

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And it wasn’t like anyone really wanted her around in the first place. The relatives had made all the expected comments about how much she’d grown, about her becoming a “little woman,” and now they ignored her. No one even noticed when she went outside and found a quiet place in the garden to sit.

The house itself was huge, and the grounds surrounding it were filled with cultivated trees, hedges, and flower beds. It was easy to disappear into the growth along one path or another. Shelly found a metal bench under a spreading chestnut tree and leaned back into the shadows, wishing a cool breeze would come up.

She fanned the hem of her dress, wafting air between her thighs. That part of her anatomy, as usual, was hotter than any other. “Puberty sucks,” she said aloud to herself. She looked down at her body, conflicted about what to truly think of the changes she’d undergone.

It felt wicked to run her hands over her thighs, pushing the hem of her dress up until her panties were exposed. She had nice legs, she mused, coltish and fair skinned like the rest of her slim body. Her eyes fell on the slippers her mother had made her wear instead of the heels she’d picked out, and her mood soured.

Mom still treated her like a little girl, and it just wasn’t fair. She was a “little woman” after all. Hell, she was ALL woman if her body had anything to say about it. She’d been masturbating for three years by then, after all.

She’d caught him trying to peep through the keyhole while she was peeing only a few hours ago. The other voice, though, that one made the hairs on her arms stand up. “You talk like you’ve never seen a pussy,” Matt said to Carl, just on the other side of the hedge. Matt.

Not that he’d look twice at Shelly, though. She wasn’t exactly the cheerleader type, and they were cousins, after all. But still, she dreamed of Matt, wonderful handsome Matt, and fantasized about what his hands could do to her. Among other parts of his anatomy.

“Yeah, but she just showed it to you,” Carl was saying. Shelly could almost hear the little creep drooling. “How’d you get her to do it?” “I didn’t have to do anything,” Matt said modestly. “She just did it.

And it wasn’t like it was all that great to look at. ” “Are you k**ding?” Carl snorted. “Any pussy is worth looking at. ” “You’ve got it all wrong, man,” Matt said.

Their voices were just on the other side of the hedge now, and Shelly slumped in her seat even though the boys couldn’t see over or through the growth. Matt said, “You can’t think of it as seeing pussy. The pussy belongs to the girl. You got to treat them like a person.

” Carl laughed. “How many girls have you fucked that way?” he asked. “Plenty,” Matt said, angry now. “More than you, you fat virgin.

” “Fuck you,” Carl said. Shelly could hear him stomping away. Matt called after him, “No thanks, faggot!” Shelly snickered and prayed Matt hadn’t heard. So, she mused.

Matt wasn’t a virgin. . . .