Short Term Relationship.

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Introduction: Two strangers meet at the beach and spend some time getting to know each other, but how long will their interest in one another last? What surprises lie around the corner? Note: This story is completely fictional. Its 100% made up and any similarities to real life are purely coincidental.

This story contains graphic descriptions of adult gay situations. Authors Note: Hi, welcome to my story Short Term Relationship. , this is not a series. I thought I would attempt a one off short story to tide you over until the start of my next big series which I am currently working on.

Also it gave me a nice break from my other story and I found it really enjoyable to write. This is also an entry for the CAW 9 writing challenge. I hope you enjoy reading it! :) *** Short Term Relationship. Hello there.

I am single now but I havent been for very long, a matter of hours to be frank. I was with Gabriel for less than one day and already our relationship is over. I feel like I need to tell this story to somebody, but seeing as I am closeted and nobody I know has any knowledge of my homosexuality, I dont really have anybody to talk to.

So anyway, here goes nothing. My story begins at half past four in the afternoon yesterday, in the small caf&eacute, diner on the corner of Herring street down by the beach at the bottom of the hill. It was a hot day yesterday as you will remember, so the cool climate in the air conditioned caf&eacute, was a welcome relief after spending practically the whole day lying on the beach under the baking hot sun.

I stared out through the dirty diner window at the incoming ocean waves as they gently licked at the sand. As I sipped from my cup of tea, white with two sugars, I noticed a chap, about my age, or maybe a little younger, staring at me from the table in the other corner of the room. He was sitting alone like me, with a bacon sandwich on a small white plate and a glass of what I assumed was lemonade with ice and a green wedge of lime.

He was a good looking man, he had medium length sandy blonde hair and vibrant blue eyes, smooth tanned skin with a small blemish on his top lip. He simply watched as I drank my tea and I couldnt stop myself from looking back across the room into his vacant, yet enticing blue eyes. He smiled at me and gestured with his hand for me to come over and join him at his table.

I saw no reason why I shouldnt and thought it would be rude not to, so I stood up, plucked my cup of tea from the table and walked over to where he was sat, still subtly smiling. I took the seat opposite him and placed my tea cup on the small glass table. It made a clink sound as it hit the hard glass surface.

Hello he said, Im Gabriel, as he offered me his hand as a greeting. I shook his hand in politeness and replied with a basic hello and I told him my name. He asked me what I had been doing that day and I told him that I had been simply relaxing on the beach and watching the world go by, which of course turned out to be exactly what he had been doing also.

Anyway we began conversing and amazingly, we seemed to get on like a house on fire. We had a lot in common. We both enjoyed literature, movies and walking. As the conversation developed, I found myself becoming increasingly focused on his attractive face.

. . . .