Silence in the Library

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Introduction: Read the signs. You never know whats happening underneath them. . .

This wasnt how Charlie Tyler wanted to spend his Friday evening. When all of his friends were in town partying like there was no tomorrow, he was forced to stay at home and study. Mr. Tyler wasnt really the type for studying.

He had never really got the grades that his parents were expecting, and even they were low. The only thing that mattered to him was PE. Looking and feeling great in life were his only aims. And you could tell too.

He has a slim but toned build to him, which is normally concealed by colourful hoodies. Face was clean and tanned with a slight blush, with an equally toned neck and shoulders. Hair was always consistently black and spiked in the same ruffled way. You could never get this guy alone either.

However to make it look slightly more interesting than just one huge rant, Ive broken it down into 5 easily readable points for you: 1. He doesnt like cheese 2. Being sociable can be confused with being a tad perverted in an odd way. .

. Not my own words! He has been known to talk intimately to random strangers. 3. The various hoodies he possesses can get a tad annoying in the world of drab school uniform 4.

Could never really keep a secret 5. He seems convinced the only way you can truly get to know someone is by giving them a blowjob when their drunk. But apart from that hes really quite a nice kid! Now on this particular Friday night in particular ways, the parents of the Tyler family had banned Charlie from leaving the house until he picked up his grades, which is a shame for Charlie, partly because he generally hates his parents, but mostly because he thinks his friends are the only people who matter to him.

He and his friends almost constantly had parties, you could never see one without the others: all five of them, all together, all the time. Even at school, same classes and always with each other every lunch and break. They really were a vibrant bunch! And Charlie had done something with all of them.

He couldnt help it, he just found all of his friends attractive in some way. Eric: really nice hair and eyes, sucked him off at his own girlfriends party. Kurt: huge round ass, licked it to get out of Maths class. Mark: addictively hot body, stayed back after school to suck him off.

And finally Drew: all of the above, got him drunk and had a threesome with him and his girlfriend. So lets just say Charlies done it all. Maybe thats why hes so popular with his friends. If their girlfriends werent satisfying them, then Charlie would do it for them.

He couldnt go out to get some relief and there was no-one at home hed even consider worthy of blowing his load. So he just sat there, with the awkwardness of having a 9-inch hard-on just bursting to get out. His mind couldnt focus on the algebra in front of him, he just wanted to feel his own flesh inside someone else, making them moan long and hard until they.

. . Oh I think something squirted out then. After 5 more minutes of torture he could take it no more and found the perfect excuse.

. . . .