Sisters By The Pool Part 10

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Introduction: The saga continues. . . [Thank you to everyone who commented ideas on my last chapter.

You gave me motivation for a quick turnaround time and one of my favorite chapters yet. Thanks all for reading!] The one thing that I had really commended Hailey for throughout the duration of this crazy relationship was her ability to constantly get around her sisters desires to have me to herself.

Whether it was getting her sister to leave the house, or sneaking a quick session underneath the water or behind a bed, Hailey was the master of not getting caught. I had told her that if she tried this hard at school shed be a future Ivy League student, but I guess this was more important to her.

Thats why, as I finished cumming inside Maddie, my third girl of the night, my thoughts really werent on Danielle. I knew that she was doing something with her girl friends that night, and I imagined Hailey was taking care of any loose ends. I had six gorgeous and naked cheerleaders surrounding me, and thats all I really was thinking about for the time being.

Feeling left out of the festivities so far, Alana and Ashley, the two captains of the cheer team, had formed a very arousing 69. Alana was on top, her red hair cascading onto Ashleys thighs, while her large breasts pressed against Ashleys body. Underneath, Ashley was largely out of sight, but her face remained buried between Alanas legs, furiously working at her clit.

Once again, the crisp night air was filled with moans as the two girls brought each other up and down the pleasure scale. I quickly looked at Hailey, my eyes somewhat wide, but she just smiled at me and looked back to the girls. My heart skipped a beat as I wondered if Danielle could possibly be home already.

I was waiting for Hailey to freak out, the thought of her own fun being put in jeopardy. But surprisingly she didnt say anything in response. Really? Danielle said again. I looked up and saw her in a small black dress.

She looked gorgeous and I didnt know what to say. I had such an incredible situation going on and I couldnt wrap my head around Danielle being pissed at me. The other girls were sitting there with awkward faces. Alana and Ashley had, begrudgingly curtailed their activities.

Just as I was about to stand up and say something, I saw Hailey start to move. You couldnt expect to keep this stud locked up forever sis, Hailey started. Shut up Hailey, Danielle said sternly. I can expect a little more trust and loyalty than this.

Its not all his fault, Hailey started to plead my case for me. I begged him to come to this because Ive been so nervous of not fitting in with the team. Youve shared him with me more than once. You cant blame him for not knowing what the rules were.

Hailey, I started. Thank you but I should probably defend myself here. Danielle, you know I care about you so much. I knew this was wrong, but Im young and stupid.

I know you dont want to hear about how impossible a situation like this is for a guy. Weve already discussed that a mutual attraction exists between me and your sister. Plus, Hailey jumped in again. Dont pretend like you dont like girls too.

. . . .