Slug Bug

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I said fine and kept looking for a yellow slug bug. When Richard yelled out slug bug yellow and said no hit backs. I told him unfair because the slug bug was being towed he said doesn’t matter you lost. You have to do as I say now.

All through the visit with Grace I would look at Richard and he’d just smile. I was wondering what he’d have me do. I said fine and sat back wondering what kind of evil things my little boy had in mind for me. I reminded myself he wasn’t so little anymore.

I was imagining a “ naked week-end “ which a lot of times if we play truth or dare or silly games like that, that’s usually what I have to do regardless if his friends are visiting or not. Slowly teasing my clit and fondling my breast with my other hand. I imagined my fingers were this guy at works cock pumping my pussy with slow gentle strokes and nibbling my earlobe.

My knees buckled and I slid down the wall picturing him behind me as I slid down, his cock found my warm wet pussy and nudged it’s way inside me. I reached up and cupped my breast as I pictured him taking me from behind. I ran my hands over the back of my neck up through my hair and down onto my breast as I imagined his hard cock exploring the depths of my quivering cunt.

My fingers rubbed furiously over my clit as I pinched my nipple and felt the stirring of an orgasm. I was biting down on my lip and moaning out loud in the shower stall when the door opened and there stood Richard he reached up and turned the water off and hurried me over to the bed. He bent me over the bed I heard him unzip his jeans and then I felt his hard hot cock in one f***eful shove bury it’s self in my warm wet pussy .

He was making hard fast thrusts into my pussy as I started to scream out he put his hand over my mouth and held it there as he drove his hard cock into me causing my ass cheeks to jiggle as he pounded my sopping wet cunt, until I felt him go ridged inside me and his cock exploded into my cunt spraying it full of hot stringy scalding sperm.

I pushed back and clutched down on his cock with my pussy muscles as my own orgasm coursed through out my body. He withdrew his cock from me and I slumped onto the bed he came over and bent down and kissed my cheek. He said we have company mother, part of your losing is that you have to put on one of your completely see through lingerie gowns.

As the hot water poured over my body my brow squinted trying to think of what I had in store for me and what I’d gotten myself into. I washed the sex off my pussy and that started it twitching and I called myself a slut and laughed. Well if we had company I was going to do my face and maybe pin my hair up.

I sat on the bed putting lotion on my legs and thighs and tummy. I walked to the door and yelled for Richard. He said he’d be right up. I asked him to please put lotion on my back.

. . . .