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Sari was a hard c***d to handle. She was both beautiful and sexy. She had no mom, just she and her dad. She loved to use her body for anything she wanted.

Guys would give her anything to just get to touch her and sometimes fuck her. A week ago during the night she had Jim sneak into her bedroom. She undressed him and then she stripped for him. She rubbed her large tits up and down his body making his cock hard.

She played with his cock and saw it begin to leak cum which she wiped with her finger and tasted. Then she wiped more and put it in Jim's mouth. She kissed the tip of jim's cock which made him go crazy. He reached for her ass and began to spank her.

She got away and layed him on her bed and let him suck her tits. As he was sucking her globes, she was stroking his cock. She didn't tell him but he had a nice big cock. She then told him if he licked her cunt she would let him fuck her.

He dove between her legs and started licking ever bit of her enlarged cunt. He sucked her clit and flicked it with his tongue and felt her cum. He then moved to her cunt hole and tongued it licking the cum from it. He tongue fucked her hole til she came several times.

He then got on top of her and pushed his large cock into the hole he had just tongue fucked. His cock felt good in her tight cunt and he pushed in and out of her making her cum more than once. Soon he was ready to cum and he filled her cunt with his warm juice. 'OMG.

. you fuck like a man and you have a huge cock. I want more of you. ' she told him.

He had been watching from the hall. He looked mad and told the boy to take his cock and leave right now or he would beat his ass. The boy wasted no time getting out of the house. He went to his naked daughter and told her, 'you shall be punished for acting like a slut.

' He then grabbed her and put her over his lap and began to spank her sexy ass. His smacks were hard and meant to punish. He showed no mercy as he spanked her over 20 times. He ass was red and on fire.

He was a big man and could give vey hard smacks. The daughter was crying with every spank she got. He stopped for just a few minutes and rubbed her sexy red punished ass. His hands then rubbed her legs and then the insides of her legs as he spread the legs apart.

He then touched her pussy which had been fucked tonight by the young cock. One hand rubbed her ass as the other felt her pussy. He then spanked her pussy. She yelled in pain.

'Be quiet and take your punishment like any slut. ' he told her. He switched between spanking her ass and pussy. After several smacks on the ass and pussy, he would then rub both the ass and pussy.

His fingers enjoyed touching the pussy more than he expected and he continued to massgae her. She suddenly got turned on and he felt the pussy get wet. He felt the wetness on his finger and tasted it. .