s****r and I

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In the late 60’s when I was 16 years old I lived in upstate New York. My dad got transferred by his company to Miami. It was a big promotion for him so he didn’t want to turn it down. We were three k**s in the f****y.

There was little s****r my big s****r who was three years younger than me and me. I was in my first year of high school and did not want to leave my friends behind to start in a new school in Miami. It took a lot of convincing but with the help of my grandparents I was able to convince my parents that I could live with my grandparents while going to High School and come spend the summer with them in Miami.

It seemed that we always wanted the same things at the same time. We shared the same tastes in food, games, movies and just about everything else. My parents had gotten a three bedroom apartment but my little s****r still slept in a small toddler bed My older s****r wanted a room of her own and since I was not living there but for only about two and half months they figured I really didn’t need my own room or even my own bed.

My s****r always had a full size bed and actually I think fitting two beds in that room would not have left much room to walk around. When I arrived for the summer my parents informed me that I would be sl**ping with my older s****r in her room. My dad suggested he could get a blow up mattress if I wanted but I loved my s****r and we got along so great together I told him I didn’t need it.

My s****r complained she didn’t want a blow up mattress taking up all her room either. So I put away my clothes in a small dresser my mom got me and my s****r had made room in the closet for what ever I needed to hang up which was not much. The first few nights were spent staying up till late giggling, telling jokes and catching up on news of the f****y till my parents would yell at us to get to sl**p because they needed to get up early to go to work.

My little s****r stayed with me and my older s****r, so we had to baby sit her. My mom promised to find a daycare for her so my s****r and I could go out together without worrying about caring for my baby s****r. About a week after my arrival my older s****r and I were staying up as usual and somehow wound up wrestling on the bed.

I would jump on her and tickle her, which would make her squirm and kick around laughing. I couldn’t help noticing how my s****r who was three years younger than me had begun to feel like a woman under her clothes. She had small breasts but they were firm and from what I could feel of them nicely shaped.

Being a healthy 16 year old I was always horny anyway but my s****r’s body sent me to a whole new level. I had girlfriends and dated but I never found any one I really wanted to go steady with. I had sex only a couple of times and it was always with some cheap slut from high school that would get d***k and fuck the guys at a party.

I was never a jock or cared for sports but I did swim a lot and had an athletic build. Judging from my friends’ cocks I would say mine was probably above average in length and certainly very thick for its size. The girls I did fuck commented on the size and thickness of my cock as soon as I got it into them.

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