Sunday Drive

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Sunday Drive Richard and I were on a Sunday drive, not really going nowhere. I’m not a mac’d’s fan at all So when Richard said hey mom my treat as he pulled in the drive thru I laughed and said so you think your mom’s a cheap date huh? He laughed at that and said no, there’s nothing cheap about you mom.

I was looking at his profile and could see a lot of me in his face and I went to myself thank god he didn’t gets his sperm donors looks. I must have said it aloud because he said what’s that mom. I said oh nothing I was just saying I’m glad you got your penis from my side of the f****y and squeezed his thigh.

He said yeah I heard some stories you’ve told your friends about him, he was a real loser. I said unlike you so get our food and get us out of here. I told him take us to the veterans park down by the lake. When we got there, I ate in silence.

I kept looking at Richard and getting horny. He had his drink between his legs and I leaned over and sipped from the straw. He looked down and went oh shit that doesn’t look good and he laughed. I lifted my head up and looked around and said, mommy wants dessert.

I moved his drink, unbuttoned his jeans, pulled his hard cock out, laughed, and said always ready huh? I licked my lips then leaned over and gobbled his cock up in my warm wet mouth. I felt him jump when my tongue swirled around and over the head of his fat cock. His hand gently pushed my head as his cock slid into my throat.

I love to let his cock slide out of my throat, then I can tease it with my tongue and just take the head in and suck and swirl my tongue underneath the head of his cock. When it’s all wet and slippery from my saliva I move my hand up and down his shaft twisting and turning my wrist as I go up and down.

I heard a car pull up and that only made me feel more wanton and whorish as I felt my son’s hard cock forcing its way down my throat. I could feel it jerking and pulsing in my throat and I eased up and nipped at the head, and looked up and said not yet my dear c***d not yet. He looked down at me then threw his head back and let out a long groaning moan.

My hand found his tight balls and I started fondling them as I sucked his hot cock harder and moved my tongue with feather like strokes around and under the head of his hard pulsing cock. I could tell by his hip movements and the pounding bl**d in his steel hard cock he would soon be emptying his scalding hot cum into my warm wet waiting mouth.

I wrapped my lips around his cock making a vacuum seal around it and bobbed my head up and down as fast as I could in anticipation of him shooting his hot sperm into my mouth. My poor pussy was all wet and sticky from me sucking his cock. I reached between my legs, found my clit, and moved my fingers over it in lightning fast circles.

Richard grabbed my head and said yes mom oh god mom yes yes fuck shit mom I’m cumming as he raised his hips up and shoved his hard cock down my throat and started emptying his hot cum into me. Splash after splash of his hot stringy sperm washed down my throat as he held my head tight to his cock, as it pulsed and emptied its load into my tummy.

. . . .