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My wife thought it would be a great ideal if her mother came to stay with us. Lillian was 70 years old. She and her husband of 41 years split up because grandpa was caught cheating with a younger woman. Lillian moved in with us and was very helpful.

She cooked and cleaned the house while we were at work. Everyday I had a hot meal waiting for me when I got home, it was kind of nice having the extra help. After about 3 months, I received a notice that my shift was changing from the normal 8 to 5p. m.

to 10 p. m. til 6:30 a. m and the shift would rotate every 3 months.

Judy (my wife) was not pleased by this but figured there's not much I could do about it. She said by the time you get home I'll be leaving for work and you'll have to keep mother company while I'm at work, but you'll probably will sl**p most of the day. The following Monday I began my shift which left Lillian and Judy at home alone during the evening.

Afer a week Judy said it was kind of nice that she and her mom had time together to chat and spend some alone time with each other. During the day while Judy is at work we would sometime bump into each other in passing throughout the house until one day I walked into the bathroom while Lillian was cleaning the bathtub.

So quickly thinking I went back into my room and stripped all my clothes off. Lillian's mouth dropped! She was all flustered and said, oh let me get out of your way. I said you don't have to go. As a matter of fact why don't you just run me some bathwater when your done.

Lillain said, 'I'm done now, get in the tub and I'll start the water. So I did. Lillian started the water still down on her hands and knees. She took off her cleaning gloves and put the stopper in the tub.

She then took her hand and started waiving it in the water, rubbing her hand across my leg and in between my legs. My dick stood straight up! Lillian took her hand and started stroking my dick. I turned off the water and stood up in the tub. Took Lillian by the hips and pulled her close to me.

I wrapped my wet arms around her and kissed her right in the mouth. I pulled off her gown and started sucking her nipples and squeezing her ass. I took my fingers and put them in her pussy, she was wet and ready. I took Lillian in my bedroom and gently laid her on my bed.

I pushed it all the way in and just paused. I grabbed each leg and slowly opened her legs wider, then pulled my dick almost all the way out, then popped it back in her pussy. Holding her legs open like a wishbone I fucked Lillian like it was a Porno Try Out! I put her on her back and put each leg over my shoulder and fucked her real good that way, then sat in my chair while she straddled my cowgirl style.

. . . .