Teen sex stories

The Switch

Introduction: True story, about a sub/dom switch couple Starting to awaken, she stretched and yawned, rubbing her face against his leg. Naked, save for cuffs, the human puppy looked up at her master, whimpering lightly as she pressed her cheek into his thigh. She smiled, and hummed happily, as he … Read Full Story

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Teen sex stories

9 Nights Intro

He crept into the room, silently closing the door behind him, and setting down a bag of juice and snacks on the floor. As he walks up behind her, he thinks to himself, about how beautiful she really is. The light of the moon through the window caresses her face, … Read Full Story

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Teen sex stories

No smoke without fire

Introduction: A BBW turns her meek husband into a cuckold No smoke without fire.

I suppose I should tell you a little bit about my wife and me before I give you all of the gory details about our sex life.

I first met my stunning wife Jilly, 17 years … Read Full Story

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Teen sex stories


Introduction: Naturist kid falls in love with cute girl. Hero baseball coach be my dad, hes really dating mom! [b]7 GRAY DAY

Jeff goes to Seans house after school. Seans not very talkative. Whats wrong Sean!? You look really depressed.


What do you mean nothing!? Tell me.

Big fight … Read Full Story

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Teen sex stories

6 love dove love shove

Roberto, however, didnt say a word. Jeff says his goodbyes quickly, darting into the house. Mom! I spoke in tongues! I spoke in tongues!

Slow down, Jeff. Slow down.

Sad that she doesnt share his excitement, I . . . spoke .

. . in . .

. tongues.

Seeing … Read Full Story

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Teen sex stories


Some even canceled Labor Day weekend plans.

Sounds like well fill that banquet hall after all.

I think they just want to gel at Hotel del. Im thankful that your parents never noticed my home for sale.

We were spared the living together sermon.

I guess they never knew where … Read Full Story

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Rubber fantasy

During the walk, at the half way mark, I kept hearing some unusual shuffling at a distance but, didn’t pay attention to it. Maybe some a****ls scurrying around. So, I completed the walk and head to the entrance. An older gentleman approaches me from the back and stops me.

He … Read Full Story

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Sexual distractions of the obscenely rich

Introduction: A married couple with all the money they could want seek out whatever pleasures they desire. If this is popular, more will follow. Yellow sunlight seeped through the thin curtains as Miriam Hargreaves sat at the antique vanity table in the corner of the grand bedroom, delicately applying her … Read Full Story

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