The Adventures of Samantha Pt. 2 – Girl Talk

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Introduction: Samantha pushes her body-morphing to a new extreme, and finds out more about her abilities, which she uses to attract an unlikely lover. Samantha Pt. 2 A word of warning before we get going: This story involves a theme that I have not touched on in the first two stories (as you can see from the themes listed).

If you have no idea what Im talking about, read the first 7 or 8 paragraphs and youll get it. Dont want to give anything away! Enjoy! I think this is the best of the 3 so far. It was a month since I moved to Rogers, a boarding school in Chicago, and I just had the first sexual experience of my life, with the guy who lived across the hall from me, Mark.

I was in the shower when I thought about how crazy that day had been. This morning Id never kissed anyone, never showed my naked body to anyone, never seen a man naked before. Now Id let a boy eat me out and fuck my face until he exploded into my mouth. Was this normal? I didnt think so.

But I guess I wasnt normal either. Since discovering I was actually some sort of alien race that had the ability to change my form at will, I guess Id been trying to act as normal as possible. Except for some small cosmetic changes, I stayed pretty much the same, except for a few masturbation sessions where I changed my form to match some supermodel or movie star.

I didnt really know the extent of my ability. For all I knew, I could change into a 500-foot goliath that stepped on entire city blocks as if I walked. The thought of that made me laugh. The next thought made me think.

But I guess I couldnt stop myself from doing what happened next. As I was washing myself, I remembered Marks hardness pressing against my clit, and I found myself reaching down between my legs again. My clit was so sensitive from cumming so much that it almost hurt, so I decided not to go too far with it.

Instead, I slid two fingers into my pussy. At first I left them in there, gyrating around them. I managed to slide a third finger in, and I gasped. I started to lower myself onto my own fingers.

I fucked myself faster and harder until my wrist hurt from being bent in such an upward position. I sighed as I realized that I wouldnt be able to get myself off tonight. Not after being serviced so expertly by Mark earlier. Mark and his nice, 7 inch, hard, smooth, soft cock.

I remembered how it curved upward, how he shuddered when I touched it. . . Without thinking about it, I imagined what itd be like to have one.

My clit was extending, my labia ballooning. Before my eyes, my pussy had morphed into a 7-inch, erect cock, looking just like Marks had. My tits were still there, I was still otherwise female, but there it was. I was blown away.

I reached for it and started stroking it. It felt different than masturbating with a pussy. All the feeling was concentrated in my penis and balls. It was overwhelming.

I used some body wash and started stroking it faster, cupping my balls as I had Marks. After a few minutes, I felt an urgent stirring in my balls. I didnt stop, I just kept going faster. I screamed, my body convulsed, and streams of cum shot up at my chest, landing on my tits and stomach.

. . . .