The Affair

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She crawls into bed with him and he slowly rubs her clit while he licks her neck and breathes warmly into her ear. Her hips begin to thrust into the air and he knows why. Her throbbing pussy wants to be filled by his long piece. When he is not inside her she longs to be filled up by him.

She knows she is going to get what she has been waiting for and so her hips continue to crave his cock. He grabs her and pulls her up to his face and lets her ass smother his entire face. His strong hands reach up and pull her ass so the weight of her sexy body is on his face and his tongue moves even deeper inside her pussy.

She starts to moan. Each time getting louder and louder. As he licks her insides, his face becomes covered in her deliciously warm juices. His tongue goes faster and faster and her hips begin to fuck his entire face.

This turns him on so much and his hands grasp onto her huge breasts and they both squeeze her chest together. As she screams out, 'give me more, give me more,' he f***efully pushes her off of him and lays her entire body onto the bed. She can feel the weight of his body and she knows she is about to get what she has been waiting for.

His dick is teasing her pussy and her insides begin clenching the opening he is about to fill. As she waits, she feels the warm oil cover her back and ass and feels his strong hands massaging her body. Then it starts. His dick thrusts inside of her and he begins to pound her from behind.

Each thrust goes deeper and deeper into her delicate pussy. She is trapped by him and she loves it. The oil makes their bodies feel as if they are one. And his dick along with the weight of his body is all that she can feel.

He is now deep inside of her. She screams, 'This is what I want, give it to me, please don't stop, please don't stop. ' As she begs him not to stop he only goes harder and faster causing her to scream. He whispers in her ear, 'I want you to cum with me, I want to feel you cum, I want to explode.

Her cum begins to warm her insides and her pussy is now throbbing around his dick. His dick is filled with cum now and he is about to explode. Her pussy clenches around him making it hard for him to make one final thrust, as he pushes his dick inside her, while grabbing her ass, he sends his cum deep inside her pussy screaming her name and groaning in absolute pleasure.

Night Two As they sit at the table, eating their meal, he tells her to go into the bathroom and take off her panties. Wow this is exciting. In a public place, and I am glad I decided to wear my skirt tonight. I go into the stall and do as I'm told.

I return to the table and sit down by him. He places his hand so gently on my thigh, I can feel my bl**d start to heat. And everything below my waist starts to quiver. His hand moves its way up until he's touching me there.

So naughty and thrilling at the same time. His finger circles my clit and all of the sudden he's got 2 fingers inside of me. He smiles because I am always wet and ready for him. My hand finds it's way to his bulging dick and I know he's wanting me too.

. . . .

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