The babysitter returns

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Introduction: Gabes new babysitter might be a good girl, but she,s perfectly bad at it. . . Her name was Daphne, and she was easily the hottest girl he had ever seen, including the multitude of groupies whom had thrown themselves at him during his brief career as a professional football player.

The never-ending stream of pussies had dried up like a thin trickle of water in the desert after the car accident that screwed up his knee and killed his career. Gabe ended up taking the same road so many other athletes were forced to follow, and started coaching. It didnt take him long to fall in love with his new job, and although his bed no longer saw more naked girls than a fitting room in a boutique, he was quite happy with his life.

He got married to the girl of his dreams, a sweet lady named Beth with a slim figure that never put on weight, no matter what she ate. She was a doctor, and although her hours at the hospital were long and irregular, they still found the time to make two beautiful babies together. It all went well for about five years, and then things started falling apart.

She would work longer hours, he would need a break from the kids. She would go on weeklong symposiums, he would go on weekend fishing trips with the boys. Eventually the regularity of their sex life was reduced to once a week, and then once a month, and finally only on special occasions like birthdays.

Their love had dried up like a plant that been left unattended for a year. It was dead, and no amount of water and TLC was going to bring it back to life. They stayed together for the sake of the girls, but it wasnt long before they agreed that they were actually doing more harm than good, and they got divorced.

Holidays were negotiated to suit everybody, and life went on. He adjusted, Beth adjusted, and after about a year, the girls adjusted. Beth was seeing somebody new, and he was seeing someone new every week. It suited them both.

The first time he saw Daphne, she was wearing jeans and a loose black t-shirt with the MTV logo splashed across her chest. Her hair was bundled under a baseball cap, and she was on her hands and knees, weeding the garden. Judging by the pile of offensive plants next to her, shed been at it for a while.

It was still early enough for the sun to be pleasant rather than brutal, and he paid little attention to her as he jogged pass her. He thought he saw her looking at him, but he was well used to women doing that so he just kept his pace steady. Despite the fact that he no longer played ball himself, he exercised religiously to keep fit.

He tried to gauge her age, but it could have been anything between sixteen and twenty. There was a smear of mud on her jaw, but it didnt detract from her fresh beauty one bit. She dusted her hands self-consciously against her hips. Hi, she said, and he loved the sound of her voice instantly.

Hey, he said, looking at the rows of petunias she was planting. She must have been working since dawn. Can I help you with anything? she asked politely when he didnt say anything else. I have a question, he said, not bothering with introductions.

Its just a summer job, she said. Im saving up for college, and I do all kinds of odd jobs around the neighbourhood. Right, he said. I was just curious.

. . . .