The Bruised Cervix that paid off! Part 1

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Since they were married with c***dren they got a nice house on post, while I was stuck in the barracks. They would invite me over for dinners and bbq's and we would all drink and play games into the night. Most nights if I was drinking I would stay on the couch and they made me feel at home in their f****y.

Maybe telling it to you pervs will help me rationalize the situation. The story really starts with a female soldier I dated for a very short period of time. She was a tiny little blonde from Missouri, pretty face and a tight little body but no ass and tits. .

. hence a short period of time. She was a freak in the sheets though and would suck dick for ever, gotta love the troopers! When I would fuck her I remember I would just shove my cock in her as hard as I could and make her scream. .

. she loved it! I remember the neighbor banging on the door to complain. I answered the door fully erect and he just walked away of course. After one of our long nights of fucking she actually went to sick call because she was having stomach cramps.

After some tests we came to find out that she had a bruised cervix. She actually went back and told her NCO (boss) that she would need time off from work because of a bruised cervix from having sex with a well endowed partner. . .

lol!!! Well as anyone in the military can tell you word travels quickly and although I knew she had bruised her cervix it quickly came back that she had implicated me as the 'prick' that gave her a profile and everyone on post was aware of the situation. Well of course my friends absolutely loved it.

Shane said, 'You fucked her so hard you gave her a profile b*o!' Star was nice but because of her not having the discretion to mention my name I was over it. . . besides she was not going to be able to have sex for a while anyways.

A few days later I was at Shane and Jamie's house. We were eating and drinking and having a good time. Shane thought he would give me a hard time in front of his guest about the indecent and told them the story. He was buzzed and laughing as he told it and everybody laughed of course.

Then Jamie said, 'Wait. . . how did you bruise her cervix?' At this point I am starting to get embarrassed but I answered, 'Just having sex, I guess' I added, I didn't mean to hurt her.

Everyone was laughing and the topic of conversation was changing but I noticed Jamie was still looking at me with a very specific look. I laughed it off and tried not to pay attention. Nothing more really happened that night but I will tell you that after that moment Jamie started looking at me differently.

She started calling me stud and suddenly took a keen interest in my sex life. I would come over and she would ask more questions about who I was dating than Shane. A couple of times she would say, 'Have you put any more girls on profile lately?' A couple of months had gone by when Jamie's s****r came out to visit.

As if we were not there she began going on about how 'over it' she was and how awful he is. She then began talking about how he doesn't satisfy her and how little his cock is. We all laughed of course. She then showed us with her hands and we all laughed (poor guy).

. . . .