The Bruised Cervix that paid off! Part 2

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I can't remember what I went by for but I quickly realized that Jamie was being distant. I knew it would be a little awkward after I 'used' her s****r so I just figured I would give it time. I asked Shane if everything is alright and he said, 'Of course not, you fucker her s****r lol!' Some time went by and I really didn't think much of any of it.

He asked if I would take care of his f****y while he was away, I don't think he knew what he was asking for. The very first night he was gone Jamie called me. She said that the internet was down and she couldn't fix it. She wanted to see if I could come over and take a look at the router.

She asked if I wanted to join them and I agreed. Her and I set in the kitchen talking and I could tell she was a lot different to me than she had been the previous weeks, since her s****r left. After a few minutes of casually talking I said, 'I am glad we are talking again!' She asked, 'What do you mean?' I replied, 'Well, I just thought it had been awkward since your s****r left.

I thought you were upset with me. ' To which she replied, 'No, I was not upset with you. I was just jealous of my s****r I guess. ' As soon as she said that she looked at me as if she instantly regretted saying what she said.

I looked back at her and really did not know how to respond. Was she telling me that she wanted to sl**p with me? We set there in silence and the she said with a laugh, 'How about a beer?' I laughed back and walked over to the fridge and grabbed a beer for both of us. I went back over and we went back to talking about her new diet she was on.

As we put the k**s to sl**p she asked me to grab a couple more beers and meet her downstairs. I went down to the kitchen grabbed some beers and walked in the living room. I set there for a while waiting and actually almost finished my beer. I remember thinking, should I just go home.

Is she going to trip when she comes downstairs and sees me still here. Then she came down. As soon as I saw her I knew where this was going. She was wearing a short robe which must have been purchased at Victoria Secrets.

Her cleavage showed through the robe and her hips and thighs could not be missed. She came over and sat down on the couch and asked what are we watching? As I watched TV with her I realized I was the one looking at her now. She was actually catching me stare at her cleavage and thighs and she was subtly smiling.

She suddenly stoop up and asked if I was staying the night. I replied, 'I am not sure. ' She said, 'You should, but don't sl**p on the couch, there is plenty of room upstairs. ' She then grabbed my hand and walked up the stairs and into the bedroom.

As soon as i shut the door behind us she turned around and began kissing me. I grabbed her big soft ass and squeezed them through her robe and panties. I slipped her robe off and revealed the beautiful black panties and bra set she was wearing. She undressed me down to my underwear.

. . . .