The Collar

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You are at home all alone one night when you suddenly hear a knock at the door. You open it up to find me standing there holding a bag. Before you can say anything I pull you in close and kiss your sweet lips. As I pull away I hold a finger up to your lips and hand you the bag.

Look inside. You open up the bag and find a dozen candles and a collar inside the bag. I tell you to go put on your sexiest outfit and wait for me on your knees in the bedroom. You quickly change into some sexy lingerie as I begin to light the candles all around the room.

You come to me and get on your knees as I finish lighting the candles and bring a bowl of ice from your freezer into the bedroom. I grab your chin and raise your head to look at me in the eyes. 'You're going to look me in the eye while I collar you. And once you're mine, so is your attention.

So when you look at me, I expect eye contact. Is this understood?' Yes sir, you reply. 'And I am tiring of 'Sir'. Starting tonight, you will answer my questions and commands with 'Yes, Master'.

Is that understood as well?' Yes master, you reply. I move to sit down on your bed. 'Bring me your collar and kneel here right in front on me. ' You bring the collar to me and pull back your hair as I strap the collar onto you.

'Well do you have anything to say. ' Thank you Master, you reply. 'Good girl, now lay on the bed for me. As you get up and lay on the bed, I take two of your scarfs and tie your hands and legs together.

Before I step back to admire your beautiful, stunning, and helpless body at reflects in the candle light. Then I take a piece of ice and slowly run it across your lips and slowly begin tracing the outline of your lips sending shivers throughout your body. Then I take another piece and slowly move down your neck towards your chest.

'This is going to be in the way. ' As I rip open your ligerie to expose your stunning breast and begin to run an ice cube over them tracing the outline of your nipples as they become firm and I watch as water slides down them. Then I move the ice cube down your stomach enjoying every shiver of your gorgeous body.

Then I come to your panties. Do you want me to rip these off too. Yes master you reply as I tear off your panties and run a new ice cube along your legs and then finally your pussy and clit. 'Are you cold my pet, do you want me to warm you.

' Yes Master, please you reply. I put away the ice and kiss your sweet lips again enjoying every moment. Then suddenly I flip you over and untie your legs. 'Ass up in the air, now' With your hands still bond you use your elbow to hold you up and you stick your ass up in the air.

I remove my clothes and move behind you. 'No more mercies. ' Suddenly I slam my cock deep inside your wet pussy and begin to fuck you hard and fast. I lean forward to grab the collar so I can thrust deeper inside you as I pound away at your pussy.

. . . .