The Concert 1

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As the elected spokeschi1d for my s1ster and myself, I approached Mum. 'Mum, can Jolene and I go to the concert next week? The one we talked about at the table yesterday. ' 'I . .

. ' Mum started when I cut her short -- not quite on purpose. 'We've saved the money for it but it ends late so we can't get home until the first train in the morning -- that's the problem. ' 'Oh, it .

. . ' 'Unless we could s1eep at Uncle Ernie's, that is. ' 'At Uncle Ernie's.

Hm. ' Mum seemed to be considering it. 'You know, that could work. That might actually work, but what about school?' We had just started at secondary school and Mum was very keen that we did not miss out on any lessons, not that we were doing badly at all.

'Aw Mum! You know it's half term next week!' She looked at the calendar on the wall. 'Gosh, you're right. I guess I'll call Uncle Ernie right away, you know!' 'Yeah!' I scooted upstairs to give my twin s1ster the good news. 'Mum said yes,' I blurted out the second I entered her room.

'We'll have to stay at Uncle Ernie's. ' 'Yeah, well, he IS a bit odd but if he's our ticket to the concert, so to say, I'm all for it. ' I dropped down onto the bed next to her and gave her a good kiss. I felt quite happy -- elated, I think it's called.

'We're going to the concert. ' Jolene leaned her head on my shoulder and put an arm around me. 'Yeah, can you believe it?' We were quite startled when Mum suddenly barged in. 'I've talked to Uncle Ernie and he's quite happy to have you for the week.

' 'For the week???' we shouted as one. 'Yup,' Mum said and nodded her head up and down like that dog Churchill from the TV ad. 'For the week . .

. you're leaving tomorrow afternoon right after school. ' She pulled her dressing gown tighter. 'Really?' We were not quite sure whether it was good or bad.

'Yes, really!' Jolene looked me in my eyes. 'Shit, I'd better start packing. ' 'Mind your language, young one. ' 'Yeah, Mum.

Sure Mum. Sorry Mum. ' 'I'm going to order the tickets . .

. ' 'Mum, you don't need to do that. I've already reserved them, I just need to confirm it and we're good to go. ' '.

. . for the train. ' 'Train?!?' As one.

Once again. 'Yes, the train! Do I look like a taxi driver? It's a three hour drive to his place and three hours back. No way I'm doing that, so train it is. ' Jolene and I just looked at each other.

'And how do we get to the station?' 'Oh, that little taxi job I'll manage. And Uncle Ernie will pick you up at the other end. ' 'Ohhhh kay. ' 'And you'd better get packed and go to bed as it's going to be late tomorrow.

' She left the room and we just stared at each other for a long minute. 'Night clothes and get packed,' Jolene suddenly said. 'Better get started. ' She got up and began to undress.

She opened it on top of her bed right next to me and started rummaging around looking for what to bring. I just followed her with my eyes as she moved around. Her breasts had just started to develop and they looked quite cute with huge nipples on top of big aureoles that covered more than her small mounds.

. . . .