The Concert 2

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Jolene and I skipped home from school as it was Friday afternoon. Friday before half term. A week and two days off. Nine days of fun, I hoped.

Just inside the door, Mum had placed our packed suitcases, ready for departure. 'Go and get changed,' she said before the front door had closed. 'We leave in half an hour whether ready or not -- whether dressed or butt naked or in-between. Which reminds me: Showers for both.

' 'Yeah right, Mum,' I thought. The words coming out my mouth were more respectful, 'OK, Mum. Thanks. ' We scooted up the stairs and into our rooms.

'Oh hullo,' she said and grabbed my hand pulling me towards the bathroom. 'Better get a move on. ' She stepped into the bath tub and indicated for me to follow while she turned on the shower. We hadn't showered together since we were like five or six, so this was like a new experience.

'Saves time,' she said. 'Two for one, eh?!' She quickly wet her hair. 'Please wash my hair as I have something to do in the meantime. ' 'Right,' I said and grabbed the shampoo, wondering what she was up to.

She turned the showerhead to a pulsating stream and pointed it at her ginny. 'Ahhhhhhh,' she sighed. She started to tremble now and again. The trembling grew more and more intense until she suddenly threw her head back, leaning heavily on me.

' 'Look what you've done to my willie,' I said and turned my hips from side to side, brushing my hard pecker against her buttocks. 'I wanna try something,' she said and grabbed the showerhead from me. She quickly rinsed her hair and put it back on pulsating, putting her hand under my hard willie and directing the flow of the shower to the head of the hard one.

'That's intense!' I closed my eyes and my body shook hard as the water gave me the most intense feelings of pleasure. She held her hand still and only wiggled the showerhead back and forth across my willie. When she turned it upwards to hit the head from below, my legs almost buckled under me, and just like that I started to shoot the white stuff all over her front.

'Oh Jo!' I moaned. 'That's so good!' 'You'd better wash your hair while I get rid of the 'cream' on my front. Time is getting on. ' 'Yeah.

' I quickly shampooed my hair and Jo rinsed it. Then I washed her all over. When my fingers touched her tits, it was like an electric shock touched both of us. She started to get an empty look in her eyes and I could hardly register anything apart from her soft protrusions and hard nipples.

'Your turn,' she sighed. She quickly did most of my body until she reached my hard willie. She lathered her hands and began to rub me, alternating between her left and her right hand. 'I love the way your willie feels soft and hard at the same time.

' 'And I love the way your hands feel on it. It makes me feel so nice and I love you so much. Ahhh. I really love it.

Oooohhhh. And watching you just makes it so much be tter. Oh. Oh yes.

Yes! Oh yes!!! Yeeeeesssss!!!!!' For the second time in about ten minutes I covered my s!ster in the white stuff. 'Sorry,' I moaned. 'Sorry to mess you up again. ' 'Don't think about it, My Lovely.

. . . .