The ‘Danielle Love’ Fantasy Part One

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But I've decided to write a fantasy story about another Xhamster member. I know everyone is into 'cum tributes', but honestly, that's just not my thing. So I guess this is my 'cum tribute' to her! If your interested in checking her profile out, the link is below! daniellelove6917 It was a rainy morning when my plane landed in San Diego.

I'd been talking to Danielle for months on the internet, but never really figured it would go anywhere. But one night, out of no where, she invited me to come out. At first, I just figured it was in the heat of the moment and once we both got off, it would belong forgotten, but then she mentioned it again the next morning.

So before you know it, I'd planned this little 'business trip' out west. Little did anyone at home know the 'business' that was at hand! Danielle met me at the gate with a big hug, she was as beautiful in person as she was online. She was wearing her pink multi-colored wig I'd saw on line so much.

We made small talk and quickly headed toward her car and back to her apartment. As we walked, she grabbed my hand and held it in hers, this was really happening. I felt as people were staring, but I didn't care. Some probably wondered if she was a shemale, others probably weren't even looking.

She glanced at it as we pulled out of the parking lot and just smiled and winked at me. I think she was as anxious to have it in her ass as I was to put it there! As we drove toward her apartment, I started to rub her leg. I could feel her cock growing inside her pants, no matter how hard she tried to hide it.

That was okay, I wanted to service her too. Once at her apartment, I got settled in and unpacked my things. The spare bedroom was small, but I didn't plan on sl**ping in there much anyway. Hell I didn't plan on sl**ping much at all over my 24 hour stay or so.

Once I got done settling in, I walked in her bedroom to find her laying on the bed. When she saw my walk in, she got up on all four's and said 'Come here big boy, show my that sexy uncut cock I've been waiting so long to see. ' I was happy to do so as it was about to fold in half inside my pants.

I pulled it out and after giving it a good looking over, she quickly shoved it in her hot,wet mouth. I'd never had my cock sucked like this before, she worked it over from my balls to the end of my foreskin. Once at the top, she slowly flicker her tongue in and out of my foreskin, tickling the head of my dick.

So I pulled her up to me and started our first passionate kiss. I could taste a little of my precum on her tongue, but I didn't care, by now I was totally lost in the moment. I ran my hands all over her body, massaging her big tits through her top and then making my way down to her pants, which I quickly unbuttoned.

She got up off the bed to pull them off, but turned her back toward me. I could tell she was a little embarrassed at her boner, she'd mentioned before about how a good sissy girl hides her clit, but I didn't care. To me, she had a sexy penis, I planned on having it in my mouth soon anyway and maybe even my ass.

. . . .