the day I fucked your wife

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It all begain. When you started telling her about your dreams of her being with another man. At first she was a little nervous but then her nervousness went away. She begain asking you more about your fantisy.

You were getting a he hints. you would notice her revealing clothes wen you both would go out to the store. See thru tights with her tight pantys on. Going to walmart that day.

You got rather excited. She had on her satin ones. The one that look smaller than normal ones. She wore along with her tight workout shirt.

It all hugged her body. She wore no bra. She asked you. Do you like wat I'm wearing sweety.

You responded yes. You felt your cock get hard. As she let you take pictures before you were off to the store. You us d to be nervous.

But your not anymore. so you ae both driving in the car. Music playing lightly. She turns it down low.

and looks at you. Asking are you ready for this. you say yes. She says to you.

That the k**s are going to staying over her s****rs house tonite. You respond ok. Ur almost feeling the previous cum drip in you u pants. Ur excited with her career conversation.

She tells you that she will be wearing her wedding ring for this one too nite. She recalls the time you were asking her to fuck a ten. Inch dick for her and bang her walls out. I said yes.

She tells you tonite. She is going to pick up a random guy and fuck him back home for your ur pleasure. U both pulled up at the parking lot. She pulled a dick lock out.

Of her purse. Un buckeled. Ur pants s. And locked ur cock.

U could no get hard. Your cock was. In chastity. She looked at you.

Put on red lip stick. looked at you. then pulled her tight s up to o camel toe o her pussy. .

. . . you both , entering the store.

. . u get nervous. U know that she is serious.

This time. And yall go over to he c***dren section. Her ass is visible. You notice men.

Begain looking. At her tight juicy ass. She tells u walk away. She sees someone.

U walk away. She approaches. Him. a black mixed guy.

He looked mixed. He had long hair. And wore. Jeans.

And a leather coat. He said hello. My wife said. I'm here with my husband and he is over there.

Watching me talk to o you. I told him. Stay tuned there. .

so he is . I could see him s starring at her tits. And her pusssy. she walked him to a area.

No cameras. No ppl. He followed. She grabbed his hand.

And pushed his hand on her wett fat pussy. he kissed her while doing so. She moaned. I heard her.

she looked at me grabbed his cock. As I watched. I heard the speaker. Say closing in 45 mins.

My wife. turned around. Pulled his dick out. stroked on it.

I'm got hard really fast. He looked at me. He had a big dick. 10.

1,2. It looked. Very vainy. Big head.

He pulled her tightss. Blk tight. Down off her ass. rubing hiss dick on her pussy.

In the he store. U were shocked. He had previously cum. Dripping.

He pushed his big head in. She looked at u. Bit her lip. Said put it in deeper.

. . . .