The Island – SMC – part 2

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Introduction: The saga countinues, feel free to comment, suggest. The continuing summer modeling camp on my private island. This is purely fiction. I went and said goodnight to all the girls and tucked them in.

As I made my way back to my bedroom I heard moaning. The pills mustve really hit Amy. I opened the door, there was little blonde Amy, wearing only stockings. Her legs were spread wide open on the bed, she was furiously rubbing her little wet pussy.

She didnt notice me as she flipped onto her stomach, on her knees, her small round ass in the air. She reached around behind herself and began to finger her visibly soaked pussy. I stood there and watched, my shorts bulging with a huge hard on. I picked up my camera and began to snap.

She heard the shutter and turned to me and smiled, pulled her finger from herself and licked it clean. I moved closer and began to rub her with my fingers, up and down in and out of her surprisingly open little pussy. I licked my fingers, mmmm you taste delicious Amy I stuck them back in and began to finger her deeper, she bucked her little ass into my fingers.

The young girl played with her undeveloped breasts, pulling at her tiny perky nipples as her pussy tightened around my fingers and she began to orgasm. Her small body collapsing on the bed, the stench of her young juices filled the room and soaked the sheets. I didnt care, I removed my shorts and climbed into bed with her.

I woke up in the morning to see Amy, wrapped halfway around my body, only in stockings, I could feel the heat and stickiness of her small pussy stuck against my thigh. My cock began to rise as she moved her arm, exposing her tiny budding nipple, very hard already even as she still slept. I began to caress her small body, rubbing her soft buttcheeks as she slowly stirred.

She lightly moaned as I traced down her buttcrack with a finger, and into her tight pussy, sticky from her juices of last night. I cupped her young hairless pussy as I began to circle her clit with my fingertip. Still closed eyes, she smiled and spread her legs open further, almost straddling me now as her arm rested against my hard cock.

It was a deep, passionate kiss from a 9 year old. We gently made out with each other as her body wiggled ontop of mine. She rocked back and forth on me, rubbing the length of my thick cock between her bare wet pussy lips, the head of my cock stimulating her young clit, she continued, maybe thinking that was all sex was, Im not sure.

I loved it though, her juices coated my dick as she slid back and forth on me. Amy tensed up, gripped her legs around my waist, pushing down on my cock with her small pussy. As she started squealing she rocked forward and then back, the head of my cock slipped inside her, she pushed back a little further as her tight pussy clenched me.

I was a little scared, nervous, and excited about possibly knocking up a 9 year old. She laid on me, my cock still halfway inside her pussy, dribbling the rest of my cum inside her. mmmm that feels really good she said looking into my eyes. yes it does Amy, we can do this again you know.

She slowly pulled off me, and hopped off the bed, not knowing that Id filled her with cum, she didnt even notice it leaking out of her pussy and down her legs as she stood there putting her little girly panties on. What a hot sticky mess those panties were, slowly leaking my cum into them from her pussy while all the other girls sat and ate breakfast together with us later on.

. . . .