The Island – SMC – part 3

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Introduction: third installment in this series. Maybe more? Once again, this is fiction, it is a story. All characters are fake. This is just a story, I do not condone nor engage in these activities.

Part three may be the last part to this story It has been nearly a month since myself and the girls arrived at our private island retreat. We have enjoyed every single day together. Amanda has been all over me, her sister and Julie ever since I switched her birth control pills with the aphrodisiacs.

But this morning, Amanda came into my bedroom and got Amy out of bed and told her to shower. She took off her bra and panties and then climbed into bed with me, I was completely naked under the covers already. She snuggled up close to me, laying half on top of me, nuzzling her head into my shoulder.

I kissed her forehead and she looked up to me, smiling as she caressed my body. I was slowly rubbing her buttcheeks, reaching my fingers down her crack, then she pushed away. no, no she said, smiling a devious smile. today is all about Amy.

Today is her birthday! Is it really? I smiled Yeah, and I want my sister to having an amazing and lasting 10th birthday she smiled deviously again, the reached under the covers and slowly fondled and caressed my balls, looking up into my eyes. Before I could say anything, she quickly hopped out of bed and ran into the bathroom.

I could hear some giggling and she poked her head out of the door. Get dressed and go have breakfast with the other girls and tell them stay outside today. Amy and I have to get ready for her birthday surprise, Amanda instructed me. Well I need to shower though, I smiled.

So I got up and headed down the hall and opened the door to Emilys room, she wasnt in bed. My cock began to stiffen as I heard the shower running. Emilys shower was one of the nicer ones, it was large enough for four people, no door or front half to it, a small sitting bench, and multiple shower heads.

Emily had her back to me, washing her shoulder length bright red hair. I looked her up and down, the soapy water cascading down her back, her firm round buttcheeks, and down her thin freckled legs. I could tell she had just shaved, Emily turned enough that I could see she had shaved her bright red pubes as well.

Then I noticed it, as she turned a certain way. Emily had a small bulge in her lower abdomen, between her belly button and her hairless pussy. I smiled, knowing that was my baby she was carrying. It had been about a month since the first time she took my seed, Id say she was fertile that day.

Emily looked so beautiful, youd overlook her bump if you didnt know, and I could tell her small cone shaped freckled breasts were protruding a bit more than normal. As I studied her nipples, they too were enlarging and poking out even further. There was no doubt in my mind she was the most beautiful pregnant eleven year old redhead ever.

. . . .