The New Janet Meets John

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Introduction: Chapter 4 John and I get together for the first time with out Kim. I last left you with having spent Friday night at Kims place hoping John would come over. Read my last story if you want to know more. But here is the next chapter.

We both slept in till late afternoon Saturday. We talked some more and Kim told me that she was feeling better about John but I could tell that she was not telling the truth because it showed in her eyes and on her face. Kim was just making me sad as well so I told her I was going to head home.

I walked into the living room where my dad was sitting and I flopped myself down into the chair across from him. I hung my head down into my chest. Hey girl why so sad you guy played a great game today, my dad said looking over at me. What dad? I asked.

That was why he had not come over to Kims last night. His first game of the season was on the road, it was an away game and the team they played was out of our state. I figured that the team had left Friday afternoon. I thought about calling Kim and telling her.

But decided not to as if she paid more attention to what John did she would have known that. Their bus should be back in town around 11pm. my dad said. Care to go down and welcome the team home? dad added giving me a smile.

Can we, I said jumping up and down as my dad just shook his head yes as he watched my tits bouncing away. I spent the rest of the night deciding what to wear. I wanted to look my best for John. I also thought about just what I was going to tell him.

I decided to just tell him the truth that I was in love with him. I got dressed and I checked myself out in the mirror. I had on a red sweater, jeans and a pair of high heel boots. My sweater was tight and low cut it showed plenty of cleavage as my boobs over flowed out the top of it.

I bent over a little and when I did you could pretty much see both of my boobs almost right down to my hard nipples. I checked my jeans as well, my hot little ass was packed tightly in them and my pussy was showing some camel toe as well as I had no panties on. I walked down stairs and into the living room where dad was sitting in his chair waiting for me, I walked in and I asked, So do I look OK? Dad looked up and his mouth dropped open he just stared at me for a few seconds before he replied, You look wonderful.

This sweater does not show too much does it? I asked him as I bent over in front of him flashing him my evil grin smile along with my tits. Dads eyes went right to my tits, he just stared at them as I gave them a little shake as he replied, Not at all. I stayed bent over making it like I was fussing with my boots.

Dad seemed a little shock but he managed to mutter out his reply, Your welcome. Dad and I drove down to the college and into the parking lot. I was surprised to see so many people there. I told my dad there was Johns car and that we should park over by it.

. . . .