The White Place, Chapter 3

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I dreamt that night of the best night of my life. Fucking guy after guy after guy, and all of them cumming in my pussy. I remembered while they were fucking me that I wasn't on birth control, but I decided I didn't care. I loved the feeling of the cum splurging inside my tight little pussy too much.

I put on a tank top and some booty shorts and headed downstairs. 'Oh Beth, come meet someone very special. ' I smiled at the handsome stranger, and held out my hand. He took it and shook it.

'Beth, this is your father. ' I looked at her in shock. She has always told me that she didn't know who my father was. Clearly she had lied.

'Hi. I'm Nathan. I believe I knocked this beautiful lady up with you around 17 years ago. I was in the neighborhood, so I decided to stop by and see if your mother still lived here.

I'm delighted to know that she does. ' He looked me over then. Up and down, checking me out really. 'Well, you did good work Marion.

She's a beauty. ' I blushed. My mother spent the rest of the day out with Nathan, and I stayed home watching porn on the internet. Sex was consuming me.

I couldn't get it out of my head, and I couldn't get Will out of my head. I wondered when I would get to see him again. It made me horny just thinking about it. But then again I could be pregnant right now, from the orgy I had with my mother and 11 guys a couple nights ago.

I wasn't too concerned though. I was tired and I had school the next morning, so I decided to go to bed early. I awoke to the sounds of my mother and Nathan fucking in the next room. Nathan sounded like a good lover.

My mother was screaming louder than usual, and all the normal sounds were amplified. I went back to sl**p with my pussy dripping. I woke up again, my pussy throbbing. I got up and went downstairs to get a glass of warm milk to help me sl**p.

I was surprised to see Nathan watching TV at 2 in the morning. 'Oh hey Beth. What're you doing up this late?' I went and sat next to him, wearing only a bra and my spankies. 'I keep waking up.

' 'Oh, well why don't you just sit and watch TV for a while?' 'Okay. ' I looked at him out of the corner of my eye. He was fine. He had a ripped body, and he wasn't afraid of showing it.

He had no shirt on, and a pair of sweat pants. We watched TV for about 10 minutes when I noticed a bulge beginning to form in his pants. I pretended not to notice. He seemed to be getting a little uncomfortable, itching to stroke his cock no doubt.

I sat closer to him, and rested my head on his shoulder. Pressing myself into him as much as I could. My right breast was touching his arm. He paternally put his arm around me, and I snuggled into him.

The bulge got bigger, and my pussy started to get wet. This was so weird, I thought to myself. Father and daughter turning each other on. I non-chalantly started rubbing my nipples with the base of my hand.

They instantly got hard, as I saw his bulge get bigger and bigger. I longed to touch it. To send an electric current through his cock. I patiently waited.

. . . .