Today’s the day! J76

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Three months ago my b*****r went to college and he decided he’d live in a dorm room. Well we haven't seen him since then and a lot of stuff has happened since he has been away. Like I've came out and I turned 18. Tomorrow my b*****r will be coming home for a visit.

I'm so excited. He's one of the b*****rs everyone wishes they could have. He's funny, sweet, nice, EVERYTHING. I already had everything planned out we were going to go.

Well enough of me, here's the story: today’s the day! I thought to myself as I woke up. Ready to see my b*****r. I decided I'd pass as much time as I could. He'd be coming at 4 o'clock pm.

I got my cloths together--I made sure I wore something extra special just for him--and my bathing things. I took a nice 45 minute long shower with excitement only building up in me. I stepped out of the shower with my cloths in my hand and only a towel wrapped around me, I don't even know why I bring cloths with me to the bathroom I never change in there.

'Ugh, it’s only nine o'clock,' I said to myself not really caring if anyone heard me. 'What's so wrong with nine o'clock?' I heard a voice ask me from my room. I walked in only to find myself staring at my 19 year old b*****r josh sitting on my bed dressed in what had to be the tightest jeans in the world and a chest hugging red Hollister shirt.

'When did you get here?!' I asked laying my cloths over my computer chair 'about 25 minutes ago. I thought I'd come surprise you by being here early, now come and give me a hug! I haven't seen my little b*o in forever,' I walk over purely forgetting I was only in a towel and give him a big hug. 'Whoa there big boy.

Guessing you’re very excited to see me,' he said pointing at my tent in my towel. I guess I was poking him. 'Aha I’m sorry' I said scratching my head. 'It’s ok, but can I ask a question?' I was confused but I didn't mind.

'Umm I don’t really know ehh ha,' I had always thought my b*****r was super cute and had a sexy swimmers body. 'Well I know I missed your 18th birthday I’m sorry about that,' he told me. 'Yea, its ok I just watched tons of porn with friends and had a little party,' he laughed and laid back, 'Well then.

He reached out and took my towel off reveling my semi-hardened 7 inches. 'My my have we got here?' he asked as he sat me on the bed. I was in such shock I couldn’t even make words. But when I saw him get on his knees I knew exactly what was coming.

He slowly inserted my head into his mouth I let out a quiet moan rolling my eyes to the back of my head. I’ve never had sex before let alone a blow job and it was the best feeling I’ve ever had. He started going at a slow pace and then after about one minute of my moaning pleasure he started picking up the speed.

I masturbate about two times a day on average so I knew it would take me awhile to cum. He licked up the right side of my cock and back to the top smearing the pre-cum that my cock had made for him. 4 minutes later he was now going top speed and my right hand had slipped to his hair and I was lightly pulling it.

. . . .