Violated by My Dad’s b*****r

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This story took place the summer that I turned 18. I had been a cheerleader for the last three years of high school. My body was toned and I always would lay out in my tiny bikini and tan. I have blonde hair and emerald green eyes.

The girls on my cheerleading squad nicknamed me RT. I think that my best attribute is my firm little behind. It has a nice little wiggle to it as I walk and it gets a lot of attention from the opposite sex. My parents had to go to Japan for my dad’s work and would be gone for the summer.

I didn’t like the idea because I didn’t like my aunt. She was bossy and pouted if she didn’t get her way. My uncle was 10 years younger than my dad and in fairly good shape. I hadn’t been around him much, but my dad said that he was very easy going.

They had a nice house out in the woods and to my delight they had a pool. I figured if nothing else I could work on my tan. My aunt took me to the room that I would be staying in and told me that it was my responsibility to keep it clean. She was starting already.

What a bitch I thought to myself. I got settled in and went out by the pool. The nearest neighbor was about 200 yards away. I figured when I was alone that I could lie out and tan in the nude.

My nipples hardened and pressed uncomfortably against the cups of my bra. I heard a car pull up and someone come in the front door. My uncle came out to the pool. I notice him look up and down my body and a smile form on his lips.

He said I guess that you are ours for the summer. I felt uncomfortable standing in front of him. It was like he was undressing me with his eyes. He said it’s hot out you should take a dip in the pool.

I thought to myself, he just wants to see me in my little bikini. My nipples were aching and I could feel the bl**d rushing to my pussy. I told him maybe later and went back to my room. Why was my body reacting this way, he was my uncle for God’s sake.

I decided to change into a pair of shorts and cooler top. I took of my jeans and my panties were soaking wet. I pulled them off and opened my suit case. There on top was my bikini.

I thought that the pool sounded pretty good now. I put on the bottoms and pulled off my top and removed my bra. I walked over in front of the mirror and shook my little titties. I thought if this is what he wants to see this is what he will get.

I put on my top and wrapped a towel around me and headed towards the pool. I went to feel the water and heard a car door shut and a car pull away. I figured that it was probably my uncle leaving again. I dropped my towel and dove into the water.

When I turned around my uncle was standing by the pool. He said see I told you it would feel good. He turned and went back into the house. I swam around and then decided to jump of the diving board.

I got out, climbed the ladder and dove in head first. He came out in his bathing suit. He looked hot, his muscles were hard and he had a nice six pack stomach. My nipples grew hard again and I could feel a familiar tingle between my legs.

. . . .