What is love?

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Introduction: A story about what two horny guys do after they meet at a party It was Friday night and my summer break before college had just started. I was 18 and driving on my provisional drivers license waiting June to switch to July so I could obtain my unrestricted drivers license. I had nothing to do and all my friends were out so I decided to go on a drive to find a party somewhere.

I took my cell phone, wallet and iPod into my tiny 4-door Volkswagen Jetta and plugged it into the cigarette lighter and switched on the Playlist Driving Music. I adjusted the mirrors and backed out of my annoyingly wavy and uneven driveway. Now is a good time to describe myself because it may take some time to back out of the driveway and I hate the 5-point turn it takes to drive forward out of my driveway.

Im pretty thin but Im strong enough to defend myself. I have good curves in my body yet I dont know if thats what girls look for in a guy? I have a nice tan skin color that gets darker when I spend time out in the sun. My hair is a blond and brown because it started changing colors ever since the sixth grade.

My eyes change between green and blue because Im cool that way. My head is ovular and my neck is a bit too long. To some girls I am cute, others Im good looking. The fact that my hair is longer attracts foreign girls from Europe and South America to me.

Finally I got out of the driveway having to drive forward a couple times. It was around 9:15, obviously at night. I live in a rich town on the poor side of town while the other side is rich yet the correct term is richer. Most parties are on the other side of town in the huge houses.

I also love their body, their curves and the revealing clothes they wear. I have always been uncomfortable with the whole gay thing between men, but not between women. Yet lately after one night my friend asked me to jerk off with him and every time I hung out with him we took it a step further and even though weve tried to stop and refrain, its hard to stop two horny teenagers.

I had been using him for practice on my ex-girlfriend who I dated for 2 and a half years but now that weve moved on and are just friends, Im horny a lot more and nights have gone by of me thinking about my friend and I doing stuff. The problem is hes a guy. I always get excited when my parents go out&hellip,which is rarely&hellip,cause I can have him over to do stuff.

Also I have interesting turn-ons. I like kissing and the way the body can be seen through underwear. The scary part is Ive started to enjoying viewing shirtless guys and guys in their boxer-briefs even if theyre wearing clothes I have such a good imagination, I can vividly imagine what they look like in their underwear or naked.

Of course I can do this with girls too. So I dont know if you can call all that my friend and I do experimenting and my recent attraction to guys and girls a change in my orientation. Finally I found a house. I parked my car a little crooked from the edge.

Oh well&hellip,its between 12 and 18 inches so Im good. I locked it, no trust and walked into the house. I walked through the foyer, to the living room, to the dining room to the porch and out to the backyard&hellip,there was a pool, and oh yes, there were shirtless guys with some gorgeous, and some with nice bodies, pecks and abs.

. . . .