Wifes Aunty (True)

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The wifes Aunty joyce lives a two hour drive away. It was a friday afternoon and I set off to pick her up. The wife satayed at home to prepare the meal. I arrived at joyces house her bags were packed in the hallway and I Loaded them into the car.

Joyce always tried her best to look nice. She was 55 and her figure was a more rounded shape. she was wearing a bright red Skirt Just above the knee. Black Tights and A White silky blouse with her ample boobs pushing through, With red High Heels to match.

It was a warm evening so Joyce put her coat on the back seet. Most of the jouney is on A roads,and joyce hates motorways. About an Hour into the journey joyce became restless and kept changing her position in the seat. I Noticed and asked her was she ok.

There was no way we would make it home. I started to look for somewhere to stop. But in front of me it seemed like endless fields with no shelter. As we went on she started to moan, and hold her crotch.

She was worried about making a wet stain on her red skirt. She proceed to lift her ass off the seat to pull the skirt off. As she did so she let a squirt of piss shoot into her panties. It was now i noticed joyce was wearing hold up stockings.

she pulled her coat off the back seat to cover herself. As she spun round she put her ass in my face I so wanted to touch it. She seem to compose herself for a minuete, then she screamed at me to stop the car. As I pulled over her Thighs were wet.

She was actualy starting to pee in the car. She scrambled out and tried desperately to pull down her panties but it was too late. A great torrent gushed through her panties and ran down her legs. She just kept pissing for ages.

I could,nt take my eyes of her crotch. She eventually took her wet knickers off and left them at the roadside. As she climbed back in I could she her hairy pussy. By this time I was rock hard.

I didn't last long and I came all over her hand. We pulle ourselves togther and made the jounrney Home. As we came throught the door the Wife Moaned 'Your Late' Joyce retotred 'The Traffic was terrible. With that she gave me a Sly wink.

. . . .

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