With mom after new years eve

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On the last day of the year I went to some party with friends. It was almost 5AM and I decided that it's a time to come home. I entered the house and went to the kitchen to have some drink. I was really thirsty.

Suddenly mom appeared in the door. In t-shirt and panties only. She asked how I was and said happy new year to me. I asked her how she was with dad.

They were both at home with some of our friends. She said it was good, calm and easy party. They went to bed something aroud 2AM. I was still a little bit d***k and noticed moms nipples under t-shirt.

I came to her closer, took her hips and gave her a soft long kiss on lips. 'Happy new year, mommy. ' I whispered but didn't put my hands of mom. We were standing like that for a while, looking into each others eyes.

Suddenly her hand was rubbing my back and slowly slight to my ass. 'Honey, you are d***k. Go to bed and have some sl**p. Ok?' said mom but still rubbed my back and ass.

'And, will you go to my bed with me?' I asked and softly touched her ass as well and kissed her neck. This is the way to spread her legs. She loves being kissed on the neck. I touched her pussy through the panties and she didn't say anything so I continued in seducing her.

'This is insane!' Said mom 'We can't do that. Not now! Father is sl**ping upstairs, and, he could catch us. 'He could, but he will not, I'll be quick!' I replied and pulled my hard cock out of panties 'Look, I'm ready, and I need it. Please mommy.

She still didn't say anything, hesitating and little bit scared, but I saw, her nipples were hard and panties got wet thanks by my fingers. Finally she changed into the wild slut when she is horny. 'Fuck that, but we stay in here, and just a quickie!' She pulled her panties down, bend over the table and puller her wet pussy to me.

I spit on the tip of my cock and slowly slided into mom. She moaned a little. After while my cock was wet enough to fuck her harder and faster. I took her hips again and banged her really hard.

She liked it and started to talk to me. She just whispered but loud enough to hear her. 'Faster faster faster. Oh yes yes yes! Make me cum, harder! Fuck!' At her orgasm she whined and groaned.

She wanted to moan loudly but had to be quiet. When I was about to cum, I pulled her t-shirt up and came on her back. It was a huge load of my cum. Then cleaned mom by paper towels and put my cock back into panties.

We were really quick, it was not longer than 10 minutes but we both enjoyed it as much as possible. I was exhausted by quick fucking so I sat on the chair and watched mom. She looked so sexy. Mommy put her panties on again and sat on my lap.

Put her head on my chest and rubbed me on my breasts. It was amazing moment. We didn't say anything, just sitting there and felt each other. As close as possible.

'We are crazy, aren't we?' Asked mom. 'Hmmmm, I guess' I answered and kissed her on face. ' You did great job. I really liked it.

. . . .

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