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She and He


She stood outside his door, shivering from the cold and the light drizzle. She didnt know why she had come here, at least she hadnt quite figured it out yet.

With trembling fingers she reached up and pressed the doorbell, almost jumping back at the sound breaking the silence … Read Full Story

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Erotic stories

Chapter VI — Another cousin

Introduction: Here is Chapter VI of the Amy series. Friday came and we went to the airport to pick them up. They came down the ramp, and Amy, now thirteen, was ravishing. She had on a silk blouse which fell easily over her pointed breasts, which were now large enough … Read Full Story

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Nookie for cookie

Introduction: This is a re-working of Its cookie time! I changed the title, the beginning and added a bit. Thanks again for the comments and votes 🙂 Cookie or nookie, Abby giggled.

She laid a chocolate-covered Girl Scout cookie on her blond pussy mound. Its a simple choice, Tyler.

She … Read Full Story

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Alt sex stories

CAW 10 *The Best Decision I Made*

Introduction: This is my story of The Best for the CAW 10. It is about a blossoming friendship within XNXX, between an older gent and a young woman. *Best decision I made*

I scoured the Internet looking for something, yearning for something, someone, when I found the sex story section … Read Full Story

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Erotic stories

THIRTY-ONE DAYS…PART 1 [chapters 1-6]

Introduction: A young man engages in sex with 31 different women before fallling into the dark, gay underworld. THIRTY-ONE DAYS. . .

PART 1 [chapters 1-6]

Ronan Jackson Jefferson

An erotic thriller, for mature readers only.
Copyright 2014 by Ronan Jackson Jefferson
All Rights Reserved.

The full 164,000 word … Read Full Story

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Erotic stories

Double Blaze

Introduction: Passions blaze as a set of twins awaken to their sensual side after a terrifying incident at the lake. (Contains Squirting) The sound of excited whoops and yells filled the area as the final bell rang signaling the beginning of summer break. Tony rushed past his locker and out … Read Full Story

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Erotic stories

The Island Inhabitants

Introduction: Female Researchers Encounter A Tropical Big Foot The Island Inhabitants

November 2010

The small independent island nation was at the end of a long chain of Pacific archipelago islands more than 40 miles from its nearest island neighbor, 154 square miles in size, large and protected shallow clear blue … Read Full Story

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