Wrong panties for cleanup 2

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So I almost get in trouble, my wife came up the stairs and mised what had happend by about two minutes maybe less, so when she walks in I am there with my dick in my hand with cum still coming out, (what are you doing) I was waiting for you and go to exited. (Well let me shower and you can show me how excited you are) my wife is a gorgeous woman she takes real good care of her self so when she showers she is in there for about 45 min, she will wash with different soaps then shave , moisturizing everything so I know I have about 30 min to find out if my wife saw Cynthia walk out the room.

As soon as she is in the shower I get up with just my towel again walk over to her room I don't knock I just open the door , well shit she is bent over with what looked like 3 fingers deep in her , I couldn't really tell she is very hairy, she didn't even hear me come in she had her head buried under her pillows because I could hear her muffled screams all I can make out is (ohhhh please I don't stop fucking please) so I walk close and can see the she is super wet so wet that the hairs are frothy the site of this has made my dick hard looking at her small frame and in the position that she is in , her pussy is at the correct angle all i would be in the only problem I have a hand in the way, so I walk away and go to my bathroom and my wife tells me she's going to be longer so I say ok and walk back hoping that Cynthia is in the same position and she is now she is frantically rubbing her clit , so I put 2 and 2 together and se that there is no longer a hand blocking her entrance, so I slowly walk up to her and wait for the right moment I am now about an inch from her frothy pussy and feel this extreme heat so I start to rub all my now free flowing precum so I am nice and slick and waiting patiently for the time to pounce.

So I could tell that she was close she started to bounce up and down making her as and pussy get loser to the head of my dick . So i say to my self it's now or never , I waited for her to go up and aim and I hover my hand on her hip so I can pull her when I start to penetrate her wet pussy. Then instinct kicked in , I made con takes with her pussy and pushes as the wheat down so I also pulled her by the hip and do to all her wetness and all the precum I went in and all the way to the hilt in one swift motion and I hear (ohhhh shit I am cummmmmmmimg) from under the pillows .

So now I have both hands on her small waist pull all the way out expect for the head and plow back in with a strong and penetrating stab and hit bottom again I can feel what should be an older well used pussy is surprisingly very tight and well fitting but it could be do to my size I could feel every time she would contract and have her orgasm and she would twist her hips and moan and whimper I now know I own this pussy , then I hear my wife call out (honey were are you ) so I know I don't have time to cum so I pull out push her ass to the bed she whips her head around and before she can say a word I tell her now we are even and if you want this again you should shut your mouth and call me master and let me fuck you when ever and how ever I want.

. . . .