Wrong panties for cleanup

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Let me tell you something that happened, well it started a month ago, I was reading a son&mom story on xhamster at work and left for home, I work a lot from home, and at home I well started to beat my meat as I read. But I did not think far ahead and had nothing to clean so I ran to laundry room and grabbed the first thin at hand and behold it was a pair of panties BANG I shot of into them and put them away .

Later that night I was in my office and headed my wife ask my mother in law if she had going to wash and it hit me the panties were not my wife's fuck. Here is were it gets interesting I can see the laundry room from my office and I can see her sorting the laundry and she gets to the panties, I can see this look on her face she inspects them and sniffs them and then she licks them wtf .

So for a week I would do the same and I would see her take them to her room. So I put a GoPro in her room and when she would go I would connect to it wifi and I would record her, she would sniff lick and then would rub them on her pussy a Harry pussy I may add , I couldn't hear because I put the GoPro behind the tv so all I heated was the tv.

It was like clock work every time I left her a gift. About 3 days a go she went to her room and I connect to GoPro to my luck no tv but I heard everything and my heart stopped. ( dam it I am so tired of of this asshole cumming on my panties ) o shit I am busted ( I wish he would just fuck me ot at least cum in my mouth so it a nice fresh load instead of this stall cum) she is a widow and not bad looking in her 50s about 120 with big tits like my wife .

After I hear this I can see her do the same routine. So I planed to test the waters after the comment . My wife goes to the gym everyday so I waited for her to leave jump in the shower play with my meat and the I get out and scream in pain my mother in law comes in and I say I think I have cram and I can't move but I don't want her to help because I am naked, she just smiled and aske were it hurt I say my calf and she gets on her knees and her eyes get as big as plates, as she is massaging my leg she is looking straight at my dick, I wount lie I am not a big guy it's about 7.

5 but very very thick , so pretend to fall and stab her in the face with my dick really close to her mouth she does a low mown I say sorry and Stand up as I do she starts to talk and guess what I fall over again this time I hit the mark the tip goes in her mouth it hits but well worth it I hit get teeth.

I apologize and she tries to pretend not to want it and licked the head and her lips as she pulls back. I tell her sorry and the works please so so sorry she just stays on her knees and continues to massage my leg then I she pulls me so I lose my balance and again behold her mouth and my dick are aligned and goes in her mouth, this time no teeth and she opens much wider she bobs a few times and gets mad and said that I was doing it on purpose and gets up and walks out, so I go to my phone and connect to GoPro all I can hear is her some what praying (I want him so bad inside me but lord he is my daughters husband but it's been so long since I have had a man and I need it so bad I want him in my I want to taste his sperm in my mouth, if you give me a sign that this is ok I will let him take me but if you don't give me a sigh I will not do anything more and never again lust over him please lord tell me this is ok) at this point I know o have her were I want her so I can hear her say (thank you lord I will let him have me any way he wants even if only once please give me a sign) so srem her name Cynthia help , as she comes in she has this look of being mad but it's just a show , I tell her I have another cram but is on my thigh please help , she looks at me and all I hear is what the fuck I have a cure for you and with that she took me in her mouth and didn't stop till I came and swallow it all smiles at me and walks away with a smile.

. . . .