Wrong Room Ch. 03

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The following morning Amanda's eyes opened slowly. Her mouth was dry and as she tried to swallow she could taste the remnants of last night's fun in the back of her throat. 'What a night. ' Amanda thought to herself as she sat up in bed.

Looking over at her husband who was fast asl**p Amanda started to remember bits and pieces of what happened. She couldn't believe all the crazy stuff that had happened last night, all she knew was that she'd had a good time. Amanda made her way into the bathroom and looked herself over in the mirror.

'That was a wild night. ' Amanda smiled, all too aware of what was matting her hair together as she tried to run her fingers though it. Oh well, she was on vacation and things got a little wild. You only live once she thought as she got into the shower.

As the warm water ran down over her body Amanda started to emerge from the fog of last night's d***kenness. 'Owwww. . .

Not only had her husband fucked her very hard, but she was even starting to remember Chris plunging his fingers into her at the club. As the details became less and less foggy Amanda started to realize that she was getting turned on. The naughtiness of what she'd done added a bit of a thrill that she was starting to like.

Amanda eased herself down until she was sitting in the bathtub. She stretched her legs out and began to run her middle finger along her pussy. Amanda closed her eyes and slowly pushed her finger into her sore pussy. 'Ohhhh.

. . . .

. ' Amanda moaned. It didn't take Amanda's mind long to begin picturing Chris doing unspeakable things to her. Amanda felt guilty for about half a second before continuing to bring herself closer to cumming.

She imagined what would've happened last night at the club if she'd let Chris continue. Maybe she would've taken the boy to the bathroom and sucked his cock in a stall. 'OHHHHHH. .

. FUCK!' Amanda squealed as she came. Amanda laid there for a while longer rubbing her pussy before standing up and getting out of the shower. She didn't think anything was particularly wrong with masturbating while thinking of someone other than her husband.

He had Playboy and now she had her young admirer. Amanda dried off and walked out of the bathroom naked. She walked toward the closet to get some clothes but on the way Amanda saw what she thought was a large stack of money on the table. 'What in the.

. ' Amanda mumbled as she picked up the stack of hundred dollar bills. Next door Ryan was waking up slowly. He was still a bit tired but he definitely knew why.

Back in the other room Don was startled awake by what he first thought was an earthquake. The bed bounced hard and almost threw him to the floor. 'What the hell!' Don screamed. 'Baby! Where the hell did this come from?' Amanda screamed after having jumped onto the bed.

Don couldn't help but smile. His wife was sitting naked on the bed holding a stack of cash. He was slightly worried that she would be mad at him for skipping dinner but now those worries had faded. 'I won that last night at the casino.

' Don said nonchalantly. 'How much is it?' Amanda asked still amazed. 'Almost fifteen grand. ' Don smiled.

'Now we can finally afford to buy you some clothes. ' Don joked. Amanda blushed finally realizing she was sitting on the bed, holding a load of cash, completely oblivious to the fact that she was stark naked. 'Ha ha.

. . . .

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