Young Lover

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We are in our late thirties and enjoy life to the full. We especially love hearing about husbands watching their wives being screwed by other men. My husband found it a real turn-on and often talked about seeing me with another man, although I wasn't sure that he'd find it so exciting if it really happened.

I find young, pretty men very exciting, the androgenous kind, the ones you're not sure whether they are male or female, and I often fantasised about being screwed by one. Not long ago we went to a party and they'd hired a live band whose lead singer was the essence the androgenous male. He might have looked like a beautiful woman but the rather large bulge in his skin-tight trousers proved he was male.

He kept looking at me and each time I felt shivers running up and down my spine and I wasn't surprised to find that my knickers were wet. My husband is an astute man and he doesn't miss a thing. I don't know how he persuaded the fellow to join us but suddenly we were home and he was sitting in our lounge drinking.

My husband went to the kitchen and Ray pulled me against his chest and started to kiss me passionately. At first I was taken aback but soon I was returning his kiss fervently, even when I heard my husband come back into the room. I looked at my husband and he was sitting in a chair, rubbing his bulge, his eyes lustfully fixed on us.

I realised that both our fantasies were about to come to life. As Ray and I kissed, my hand stroked his half-erect cock until it was real hard and what a handful it was! For such a slim man his cock was out of proportion, very thick and long, prominently veined, and with a bulbous head. He sighed as my tongue explored the small hole.

I looked at my husband to see how he was taking seeing his wife sucking a stranger's cock. He looked in a daze but his right hand was buried inside his open trousers and I could see that he was stroking his cock as his wife licked and sucked the big dick in her mouth. I suppose it must have been quite a shock to see one's wife kneeling at the feet of a man much younger than she, her full red lips stretched to the limit around his large prick.

My other hand was cradling my pussy, my fingertips gently flicking my already swollen slit. Ray slipped down in the chair and I was able to bob my head up and down his cock, taking more of his hard meat inside my full mouth. I was lost in a sea of lust, sucking, licking and nibbling on the cock pistoning inside my mouth while driving my fingers deep inside my wet cunt, my thumb teasing my clit.

It was so obscene that it freaked me out and I became even wilder. I took so much dick into my mouth that the head was lodged deep in my throat and I was still trying to get more in as I longed for him to spunk in my mouth. I'd already had two preliminary orgasms, but as he tensed and my lips clasped his cock behind the head, I felt the hot spurts hit the back of my throat and I came at the same time.

. . . .

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