Young sex, learning how: Part 2 We get caught

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As you recall from reading part 1, My c***dhood girl friend Carol and i were progressing well with our sexual exploits. We were eleven and a half now. A lot of this was due to the fact that our Mothers allowed us to sl**p together at least one night every week-end while they played cards and got them selfs pretty boozed up.

This had went on for a couple of years. We were also still going up to the old shed everyday after school. What with sl**ping together at least one night a week,(Sometimes two nights if our folks partyed together on Friday and Saturday Nights)and going up to the old shed after school, we were getting really good at fucking.

We were now fucking in three different positions. We learned a whole lot by spying on our parents to. If they were drinking, they would never know we were in the room watching them. We seen our parents do some crazy things in the bedroom.

After watching them, we would sneek away to our own bedroom and fuck like crazy. While we were doing all this sneeking around watching our parents and learning, we actually discovered that something was going on between our parents as well. One night we heard talking and whispering outside of Carols bedroom door.

Carol and i were both naked and fucking like crazy on her bed when we heard them. I was afraid that one of them would open the bedroom door and catch us so i hurriedly pushed Carol off of me. We both quickly scrambled into our pajamas and pretended to be asl**p just in case someone entered the bedroom.

We listened to some whispering outside of the door. It turned out that it was my Dad and Carol's Mom. My Dad was trying to persuade her Mom to go to bed with him. We listened while he was begging her.

He was telling her how sexy she was and how much he wanted her. He told her that he was very sure that her husband (Carol's Dad) and my Mother were already sl**ping together so that was even more reasons why she should go to bed with him. Then it got quiet for a minite or so and i later figured it out that Dad was kissing her and feeling her up outside the door.

We finally heard her gasp and moan, 'Ohh please, Not here, were going to wake the k**s up' Then it got quiet and we heard their footsteps as they moved on down the hall way. Carol wanted to go see what they were doing when she heard the other bedroom door close. I made her wait for about fifteen minites and then we quietly slipped out of the room and into the hallway.

We moved up to the door of the bedroom they were in and we could hear muffled moaning and hushed whispering. Carol slowly turned the knob on the bedroom door and gently pushed it partially open. There they were. Dad was on top of her.

He had her knees up to her chest and he was pounding his cock into her pussy. They were both gasping and low moans were comming up from deep in Carol's Moms throat. We could hear the wetness of their fucking. Dads cock was making a sucking, popping noise as he banged his cock hard into her.

We silently shut the door and scampered back to Carol's bedroom. We were so excited by what we had seen that we fucked until dawn. The whole week after school we fucked like crazy and we both wondered if Carol's Dad was fucking my Mom like my Dad said he was, or whether my Dad just said that so Carol's Mom would allow Dad to get into her.

. . . .

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